Miller Property Management Rent Payment Options

Miller Property Management understands the demands this busy world can place on you.

We wanted to make sure that we have available as many options to meet and exceed these

Starting immediately you can utilize any of the options listed to below pay your rent.   

Time is now on your side~
When paying your
rent/deposit, you must
add 5% of your
rent/deposit amount !
Mail from any post office.  It must be
postmarked  by the fourth (4th)
120 N. Main St - Spring Lake NC 28390.
24/7 drop slot in the front door.
Not to worry ~ This office is totally secure.
We have a live web cam as well as a live
alarm system that is monitored live by our
Local Police and Fire Department.
24 / 7  Drop Box
24 / 7  Pay Pal